Bruce Arians weighs in on Baker Mayfield’s 2-0 start with Buccaneers

Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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It’s been a phenomenal start to the season for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with a lot of credit going to the man leading the charge.

Baker Mayfield came to the Bucs back in March under a ton of scrutiny, as it seemed no one could get past the optics of him succeeding Tom Brady. With each passing week, though, the doubters get a little more silent as Baker is among one of the best quarterbacks in the league and is playing flawless football.

Not only are the Bucs undefeated, but Baker has yet to turn the ball over. He’s managed to avoid both mistakes and pressure, as he’s turned in more than a few highlight reel plays of him getting away from defenders to extend plays with his legs.

All of this is combing to perfection in Tampa Bay, but the work is only just beginning. A tough matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles awaits on Monday Night Football, which offers the opportunity for Baker and the Bucs to prove everyone who doubted them wrong on a nationally televised stage.

Bruce Arians weighs in on Baker Mayfield and Buccaneers starting 2-0

Former head coach Bruce Arians has been keeping a watchful eye on Baker and the Bucs and spoke this week about how he loves what he’s seeing.

"Yeah, I love the way they're interacting, you know going to practice the other day there's a great vibe. Guys love Baker. He's a fighter,” Arians said. “Right now that's another team that, to me, not surprising to be 2-0.”

Arians remains involved with the team and mentioned that he’s already given Baker some advice on how to find success this season.

“Baker has brought some life to that offense,” Arians said. “I told him, you don't need to be trying to run any linebackers over every week, put some bigger shoulder pads on, but you've already won your locker room over you don't have to do that bravado sh*t."

This hot start to the season has been beautiful to watch. Unlike last year, the Bucs have an edge again and the energy around the team is vibrant. That starts with Baker, and it’s going to be put to the test over the next handful of weeks.

After Monday’s game against the Eagles, Tampa Bayhas matchups against the Saints, Lions, Falcons, and Bills. We’re going to learn a lot about who this Bucs team really is but right now it feels like things are trending in the right direction.

Bruce Arians signing off on the good times and great vibes is an endorsement that should help Bucs fans sleep even better at night.

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