Buccaneers 5-round 2024 mock draft: Jason Licht trades down and rebuilds offense

It's never too early for the Bucs to start thinking about the future, especially now.
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Round 5: No Pick

Right now the Buccaneers don’t have a fifth round pick after trading it to the Philadelphia Eagles during last year’s draft. Tampa Bay traded it’s 2024 5th rounder to move up and draft Trey Palmer in the sixth round last year — a deal that doesn’t look that awful in hindsight.

Palmer still needs to develop but he’s already put together an impressive rookie campaign with some preseason hype and a few nice regular season moments. He has a ways to go before living up to fifth round status, but he’s well on his way.

Just because the Bucs don’t have a fifth round pick right now doesn’t mean they won’t find way to get one. Tampa Bay could move a player in a deal that nets them a fifth rounder, or there could be a draft day deal that lands them a pick in this round.

To be fair, Jason Licht hasn’t really hit a home run with a fifth round pick over the course of his career in Tampa Bay. The most notable players he landed were kicker Matt Gay, Wide Receiver Justin Watson, and corner Zyon McCollum, with K.J. Britt getting some honorable mention as well.

They’re all good players, and there’s hope that SirVoccea Dennis can truly stand out, but the Bucs sitting out the fifth round wouldn’t be the end of the world.

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