Buccaneers 7-round mock draft: Tampa Bay reloads on defense and takes some offensive lottery tickets

It’s starting to look like the Bucs will have a top 10 pick to start building for the future.
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Round 3

. Georgia. Sedrick Van Pran. . Sedrick Van Pran. 73. player. Offensive Line. Sedrick Van Pran. 527

Over the past ten years, Georgia has produced plenty of notable talent on the offensive line. Ranging from Pittsburgh's Broderick Jones and New England's Isiah Wynn as offensive tackles to Baltimore's Ben Cleveland and Los Angeles' Jamaree Salyer as OGs to Houston's Ben Jones, the Bulldogs have done an excellent job of producing top-tier talent in the trenches.

During his three-year tenure as a Bulldog, Van Pran has all the tools and skills to become the next standout offensive lineman from Georgia. Standing at 6’4″ and 310 pounds, Van Pran has a solid, compact frame. While Van Pran is not an overwhelming size threat, his athleticism is a challenge for defensive ends or tackles to match up with.

Coupled his impressive athleticism and quick footwork, Van Pran has elite explosive capacity off the snap and can quickly generate lateral momentum to traverse gaps. With this, Van Pran has the explosiveness to quickly get to the outside of the line off the snap and seal blocks. Out there, Van Pran easily adjusts blocking angles in space and tracks linebackers at the second level.

Van Pran not only has good functional strength, but also brings visible power capacity. During the season, Van Pran has shown enough upper-body torque to redirect defenders and use their momentum against them. With that, Van Pran can generate great force on shoves when latches with opponents and has shown he can channel power from different areas. This goes hand-in-hand with Van Pran's elite knock-back power at contact, allowing him to blast defenders off-balance with heavy blows.

Above all, however, Van Pran's awareness is extremely high and noticeable. Even as a redshirt sophomore, Van Pran is already an active communicator pre-snap. One of Van Pran's best qualities regarding this is identifying weighted formations on defense and keys in on blitzing threats.

Furthermore, Van Pran is able to pick up delayed stunts while engaged and shifts focus with immediacy, quickly reacting to unblocked defenders. Van Pran processes stunts very well and has an active help mentality when unencumbered.

As with all prospects, Van Pran has areas of his game that need improvement. For him, focusing on the small things will be key to growing as an interior offensive lineman. For starters, Van Pran's hands could be quicker and more efficient at the contact point, as he doesn’t always strike cleanly when establishing his anchor, and he needs to more efficiently load and explode with his hands.

Similarly, Van Pran can be sloppy when recovering leverage against power rushes, and his base can be sturdier and more composed. Van Pran also has a slight false step off the snap at times, which can delay his advance and allow defenders to get inside his torso.