Baker Mayfield threw his most frustrating INT of the season vs. Lions

Absolutely brutal.
Detroit Lions v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Detroit Lions v Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

While the Tampa Bay Buccaneers got off to a hot 3-1 start, the team underwent a stress test on Sunday afternoon.

The 4-1 Detroit Lions came to town for a battle of first place teams, something nobody saw coming when the game was scheduled back in May. There was a time not that long ago where the most interesting thing about this game was the Buccaneers bringing back their throwback creamsicle uniforms.

It was the first time since 2012 that the Bucs wore their old school uniforms and Sunday marked the first time since 2007 that both Tampa Bay and Detroit met with winning records. FOX wasted no time in flexing the game into its 'Game of the Week' window, which goes to show how far both teams have come.

What we all wanted to know was how much further do the Bucs have to go?

Sunday's game against the Lions was a measuring stick game, and things got off to a bumpy start thanks to an absolutely frustrating interception by Baker Mayfield.

Baker Mayfield missed a wide open touchdown on brutal INT vs. Lions

When the Buccaneers go back and look at missed opportunities from Sunday, Mayfield's misfire will be at the top of the list. On the Bucs second drive, Mayfield had a pass deflected and popped up at the line of scrimmage.

The ball came down in the waiting arms of Will Harris, giving Detroit the ball inside of the Bucs redzone.

The interception itself was frustrating, but it was made even worse after the replay showed how wide-open Mike Evan was.

Not only was Evans open, he had nothing standing between him and the endzone. Baker knew it, too, as Evans appeared to be the intended target on his throw. Had he hit him, it would have been an easy 75-yard touchdown.

It's a tough scene to rewatch knowing how the play ended versus how it could gone:

Luckily the Bucs defense was able to hold Detroit to nothing more than a field goal, which soothes some of the pain. It's tough to make up for what appeared to be an easy seven points, and the misfire harkens back to the missed opportunities the Bucs had in their loss to the Eagles.

Baker might have turned the ball over, but he was a reading a broken coverage by Detroit, which continues to display how firm of a grasp he has on the offense. At least he was looking at Evans and trying to get him the ball, rather than having completely missed how wide open he was while throwing the pick elsewhere.

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