Baker Mayfield went full Patrick Mahomes with insane sidearm throw (Video)

Start the MVP campaign right now.


It's official, the Baker Mayfield revenge tour is underway.

Not only that but Week 2 was further proof that it's thriving. Baker and the Buccaneers followed up their impressive upset win over the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday by feasting on another NFC North team. The Chicago Bears were in Tampa for the Bucs home opener and Baker went to work adding to his growing highlight reel of insane plays.

Last week Baker turned in two absolutely gutsy highlights that helped earn him some national praise. It was a tonal shift from where the conversation was around him earlier in the offseason, and he continued to turn the tide in Week 2.

Among his many impressive highlights on the afternoon was a sidearm throw that mimicked the greatness of Patrick Mahomes.

Baker Mayfield went full Patrick Mahomes with insane sidearm throw

Just watch:

As is that throw wasn't beautiful enough, it led to Baker throwing a brilliant 32-yard touchdown pass to Mike Evans a few plays later.

That's the extra texture with these Baker Mayfield plays; they're more than the sum of their parts. Not only is Baker turning in the type of plays that earn him Angry Run praise from Kyle Brandt or put him back in a positive light for pundits who buried him in the past, they're having a massive impact on the Bucs success.

Mayfield has turned in throwaway highlights before, but the context of his great plays is what makes them matter. His angry run against the Vikings wasn't just gutsy, it helped seal an upset win. This sidearm throw had everyone making the same joke about Patrick Mahomes, but it led to a touchdown a few plays later that extended the Bucs lead to double digits.

That's what has been most impressive about Baker so far with the Bucs, and it's what gives fans hope that this is something more than a few fleeting moments.

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