Baker Mayfield threw one of the worst INTs of the year in Week 10


One thing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers couldn't do was get off to a slow start in Week 10 after the way things went last Sunday. Given how sad the team has been of late, it should come as absolutely no surprise that a slow start is exactly what happened.

Not only that, the Bucs found a new way to put themselves behind the eight ball.

Going back to last season the offense has almost never found a way to start games fast and strong. Opening drive touchdowns are a rarity in Tampa Bay, and that's a trend that carried over from the frustrating way the team played last year with Byron Leftiwch and Tom Brady.

The new combo of Dave Canales and Baker Mayfield hasn't done much to change things up. Sunday was a tease in that it seemed like things might be trending in a new direction, as Canales drew up back-to-back passing plays that worked Mike Evans and Chris Godwin into the mix.

Unsurprisingly, it worked to get the ball moving downfield.

After that, though, the Bucs remembered who they are and flopped at the first sign of finding some momentum.

Baker Mayfield threw one of the ugliest interceptions of the season

A sack on second down stunted some momentum the Bucs offense had been building, and Baker killed it on the very next play with one of the worst interceptions you'll see all season.

Mayfield lobbed a floater to Deven Thompkins in triple coverage, which was promptly picked off by Roger McCreary and returned to the 17-yard line.

Making matters even more frustrating is that this drive came yet again after a strong defensive stop. Vita Vea sacked Will Levis to hold the Titans to a field goal, and the Bucs offense started grooving in a way that suggested a lead might be taken early.

That's why this team has been so unbearable. There's clearly talent on the team and it shouldn't be as hard to move the ball as it has been. Something is broken on offense, and even when the unit seemingly gets it together the momentum doesn't last long enough to matter.

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