Bucs fans are furious at Devin White for getting cooked by Colts in Week 12

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

It was just three years ago that a world class defensive effort led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to another Super Bowl victory. That feels like eons ago based on what we've seen from some of the stars who remain from that team, specifically when it comes to the play of Devin White.

White was critical to the Bucs success that season, and it looked like he would be a natural successor to Lavonte David as the next captain of the defense. Since that season, though, White's play has steadily declined and he's almost completely fallen out of favor with Bucs fans.

Things came to a head this offseason when White requested a trade after not seeing enough zeroes at the end of his ne contract in Tampa Bay. White reportedly wanted something in the area of $100 million -- which would make him one of the highest paid linebackers in the league -- and the Bucs were simply not going to pay him that much money.

White has since rescinded his trade request, but that subplot has followed him into the season and has colored how fans view his performances each week. Sunday in Indianapolis was a particularly rough day for the former Pro Bowler and Bucs fans were letting him hear it on social media.

Buccaneers fans were furious with Devin White over how he played vs. Colts

One of the plays that drew the ire of Bucs fans was when White was nothing more than a traffic cone for Gardner Minshew on a short quarterback scramble that resulted in a touchdown.

Tampa Bay fell into a 17-3 hole after that touchdown, and while they were able to fight their way back Bucs fans at home weren't ready to forgive White for how he played against the Colts.

It's not the first time he has seemingly been out of position on a play like this, and it continues a yo-yo season of consistency for White. He'll have games like he did against the Titans where he seems to be channeling the All-Pro player we know he can be, but he'll also have games like he did on Sunday against the Colts where he's a liability.

White should be one of the Bucs best players, but when he turns in performances like he did on Sunday it makes you question how big of a piece he should actually be moving forward.

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