Buccaneers fans were outraged Baker Mayfield didn't win Comeback Player of the Year

Even regular fans thought that Baker got robbed.
NFC Divisional Playoffs - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Detroit Lions
NFC Divisional Playoffs - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Detroit Lions / Nic Antaya/GettyImages

We've reached the end of the NFL season but before the Super Bowl can be played the NFL needed to hand out some awards.

Despite the season he put together with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baker Mayfield was not among the players honored on Thursday night. Joe Flacco walked away with the award, beating out Baker, Demar Hamlin, Matthew Stafford, and Tua Tagovailoa.

It seemed like Hamlin had the inside track on winning the award, after all it's pretty hard to top coming back from what he did. On the field, though, there was a pretty solid case to make for Baker being the most deserving out of that group and it's not hard to argue he had a better season than Flacco did.

Baker set career-highs in completion percentage, yards, touchdowns, and he had the second-lowest interception rate he's ever had. Beyond the statistics, he helped reset the culture in Tampa Bay when all seemed lost after Tom Brady retired, and he helped carry the team to a third straight division title and a trip to the NFC Divisional Round. All of this led to Baker being named the Most Improved Player and earned him a trip to the Pro Bowl -- where he won Offensive MVP.

Voters felt differently, though, and Flacco's five games with the Cleveland Browns was enough to win him the award. It wasn't good enough for Bucs fans who weren't shy about how much they disagreed with the decision.

Buccaneers are outraged Baker Mayfield didn't win Comeback Player of the Year

Almost immediately after the award was handed to Flacco, Bucs fans took to social media to voice their outrage over Baker getting robbed.

Flacco did have an impressive -- and unexpected -- return to the NFL. He got up off his couch and helped lead the Browns back into the playoff picture, and he deserves big props for what he was able to do.

To say that his five games was better or more valuable than what Baker did over the course of an entire season is a bit of a stretch. That's what the voters, though, but it doesn't mean Bucs fans have to accept it.

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