Bucs fans roasted Jamel Dean for getting cooked on 76-yard Brandon Aiyuk TD

He did everything wrong, including getting hurt on the play.


It's been a rough season for Jamel Dean, which is terrible for so many reasons.

Dean was set to leave in free agency this past offseason, but returned in a surprise move that was made even sweeter since it was on a team-friendly deal. It was a massive coup for the Buccaneers, who were going to need to look at the draft to find a replacement for him and risked losing their top cornerback to another team.

None of that happened, though, and Bucs fans rejoiced over not losing Dean and keeping a big piece of the defense intact. That joy has turned to frustration halfway through the season, as Dean turned in another rough outing on Sunday against the 49ers.

He was burned earlier in the game on a play that helped set up a 49ers touchdown, and he was later outright torched by Brandon Aiyuk on a highlight reel score. It was that second play that caused Bucs fans to throw their hands up and walk out on the idea of Dean being anything more than a source of frustration on Sunday.

Bucs fans cooked Jamel Dean for allowing 76-yard TD to Brandon Aiyuk

On the Niners first drive of the second half, Brock Purdy connected with Brandon Aiyuk for a 76-yard touchdown pass to widen the lead. Making matters worse was a trifecta of horrible things from Jamel Dean.

He played press coverage at the line of scrimmage but didn't actually press Aiyuk, which put Dean on his heels and forced him to make a bad play on the ball. This not only resulted in the touchdown but caused an injury to Dean that required him to leave the game.

Bucs fans watching at home were absolutely baffled by what they saw, from the failed press at the line to the blown coverage and finally Dean's injury at the end of the play. It's not the first time this season we've seen Dean get cooked -- and wasn't even the first time in the game -- and fans were not happy.

Dean stayed down and needed to be helped off the field after the play, and was carted to the locker room shortly after. It looked like his foot was wrapped up, and it marked the second time in the game that he needed medical attention after getting cooked in coverage.

It's the second time this season Dean has left a game after allowing a huge touchdown. Noah Brown torched him on a touchdown two weeks ago in Houston, and Dean promptly left the game with a concussion.

He came back to the Bucs as one of the biggest moves of the offseason, but so far Dean hasn't lived up to the hype.

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