Buccaneers GM roasted Saints after winning third-straight NFC South title

Jason Licht kept receipts.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Press Conference
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Press Conference / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

For the fourth straight season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are playing playoff football. A lot of credit for the success is owed to Tom Brady and how he brought a new culture to Tampa, but the man who brought Brady in continues to deserve his flowers after yet another winning season.

As impressive as the Brady Era was, this season is the most glowing endorsement for Licht as the league's best general manager. The Bucs had over $80 million in dead cap and about as much wiggle room as someone stuck in a cave crevasse, yet managed to turn the roster into one that carried the team to the playoffs.

Everyone counted the Bucs out, from experts predicting they'd tank to rivals mustering up some courage to bark in the wake of Tom Brady's retirement.

It's safe to say, Jason Licht kept reciepts.

Bucs GM dunks on Saints after winning NFC South

After the Buccaneers clinched their third-straight NFC South title, he placed a cherry on top of the day by dunking on the Saints. Licht re-shared a video of Cam Jordan ripping the Bucs this offseason and tied a bow around the regular season in the best possible way.

Somebody queue up the Terrell Owens That's My Quarterback clip but it's Bucs fans talking about Licht. He's been the driving force behind pulling the franchise out of darkness and the sustained success has everything to do with how Licht has built his team in Tampa Bay.

Tom Brady was the most important free agent signing in franchise history, but Licht is the man behind the curtain. He brought Brady to Tampa and this season proved just how much of a front office genius he is.

Licht's biggest free agent move was signing Baker Mayfield to a team-friendly deal that will likely turn into a long-term deal. He didn't need to tank to find a franchise quarterback, he just did what he always does -- his job.

He also turned in another masterful draft class, landing impact rookies like Calijah Kancey, Yaya Diaby, and Cody Mauch. Licht wasn't shy about letting everyone know how confident he was in his team all season long and that only intensified after the Bucs clinched the NFC South in Week 18.

Dunking on the Saints is the perfect cherry on top of not only the season but of remembering the Bucs have one of the best general managers in the NFL steering their ship.

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