Jake Camarda got feisty after a Bills player ripped his helmet off during a scuffle

Tampa Bay proceeded to force a turnover and score a touchdown after this.

If there was any doubt about what sort of powerful life force Jake Camarda is for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, look no further than Thursday Night in Buffalo.

Camarda is already a fan favorite, a title he's earned by becoming both the best punter in the NFL and one of the Buccaneers best players. It's usually a bit of an insult to say the punter is one of the team's best players, but nothing is embarrassing about championing the skills Camarda brings to the Bucs.

He's also doesn't seem like someone you'd want to insult.

The punter found himself in the middle of a pivotal moment in the first half of Tampa Bay's game on Thursday night, but it wasn't his leg that he used to create some momentum.

Jake Camarda swings his helmet after Bills player rips it off during fight

After Chase McLaughlin got the Bucs on the board with a 57-yard field goal in the second quarter, a small scuffle broke out that seemed to be started by Nick Leverett. Whatever ended up getting started seemed to be finished by Camarda, who came into the fray swinging -- specifically his helmet.

Flags were thrown and it appeared Camarda was going to get penalized for swinging his helmet at Greg Rousseau. Officials huddled and ultimately picked the flag up, but the real takeaway was that Camarda came looking for smoke.

Initially it looked like Camarda took his helmet off and swung it voluntarily, but upon further review it appears his helmet was ripped off and any swinging motion was reactionary. Officials saw it the same way, but Camarda's fiestiness fired up the Bucs and those watching at home.

Tampa Bay ended up springing back into the game not long after this moment. Down 10-0 before Camarda brought some smoke, the Bucs were on the right side of 10-point swing that happened in under a minute.

Antoine Winfield Jr intercepted Josh Allen a few plays later, which set up one of the smoothest offensive drives the Bucs have had all season. Rachaad White ripped off a a 20 yard catch-and-run that set up a gorgeous touchdown pass from Baker Mayfield to Chris Godwin.

Whether Camarda swing his helmet on purpose or not is beside the point. The Bucs showed some life in ways we haven't seen from them all season and it was a beautiful thing to see.

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