Martín Gramática talking about his iconic celebrations is what Bucs fans need right now

It's a trip down memory lane that every Bucs fan needs right now.
Gramatica celebrates field goal
Gramatica celebrates field goal / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

To put it mildly, things are not going well for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers right now.

After going into the team's bye week 3-1 and in control of the NFC South, the Bucs have lost four straight games and are free falling out of the playoff picture. Sunday's loss in Houston was the worst of the bunch -- and perhaps the worst loss the team has had this decade.

We all know what happened, mostly because it's impossible to stop re-living the pain. The Bucs defense allowed almost 500 yards and five touchdowns to C.J. Stroud, with his game-winning touchdown pass being played on a loop on highlight shows. The rookie has been the talk of the NFL, thanks to a giant assist from Tampa Bay's defense.

Things don't look like they're about to improve anytime soon, either. The Bucs have games against the Titans, 49ers, and Colts upcoming -- all games its hard to see them winning given what we've seen recently.

Bucs fans are down bad, which makes former kicker Martin Gramatica showing up on Good Morning Football to talk about his old flamboyant celebrations even sweeter than it otherwise would be.

Martin Gramatica took Bucs fans down memory lane on GMFB

Gramatica was there to discuss the NFL's Salute to Service award, which Gramatica is nominated for this year. However, as Bucs fans can attest, it's impossible to see the old kicker and not have the urge to bring up his iconic celebrations.

That's exactly what Peter Schrager did and it gave Bucs fans a chance to remember simpler -- and happier -- times.

"They were never choreographed," Gramatica said of his iconic celebrations. "I'm watching some of them and thinking 'Man, I look like an idiot doing that', but at the moment it just took over me and I just loved scoring points."

Finding a Bucs fan who doesn't have fond memories of Gramatica would be a difficult task, as he remains as beloved today as he was back in the day. It's not just fans who appreciated the fiery kicker, as his teammates -- specifically on defense -- loved the weight he carried.

Gramatica was largely responsible for the Bucs offensive production during the early 2000s, something that Derrick Brooks shouted him out for during his Hall of Fame speech.

Since we're on the topic, here's a solid minute of nothing but old Martin Gramatica highlights to help give us something to smile in the darkness about:

Ahhh, that's the good stuff. Just as he always did at the height of his success with those early-2000s Bucs teams, Gramatica is delivering when everyone needs it most.

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