Mike Evans puts pressure on Bucs to make a starting QB decision ‘soon’

Mike Evans speaks for every Bucs fan.
Pittsburgh Steelers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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With just three weeks to go until the start of the regular season, the biggest question of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offseason needs an answer.

As one of the best players on the team puts it, that answer should come ‘soon’.

The question, of course, revolves around who will be the starting quarterback when Week 1 rolls around. Both Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask have been battling all training camp to see who will win the role, but it seems a front runner is clearly starting to emerge.

Whether or not the Bucs coaches see it or act on it is yet to be seen.

Mayfield seems to be pulling away with the lead, as expected. Trask looked really sharp early on at camp but has since fallen off, specifically in the team’s first preseason game. There was a noticeable and stark difference between the two quarterbacks performance, one that seems to indicate a decision should be relatively easy to make.

It’s a big decision to make, but it’s one that is holding up the bigger picture the longer the coaches wait to make a call.

Mike Evans wants a decision about Bucs starting QB ‘soon’

After practice on Wednesday, Mike Evans commented on the quarterback battle and the looming decision, and essentially tapped his watch Judge Judy style.

“We want to know who the starter’s going to be, you know, soon,” Evans said. “So we can just keep working and [the starting QB] can take control of the offense.”

It’s getting to the point where any decision about who will be the Bucs starting quarterback is a borderline rhetorical questions. Both Ira Kauffman and J.C. Allen have independently reported that Mayfield is expected to be the starter, which begs the question of why the team is waiting to delay the inevitable.

Trask deserves a fair shake, but there reaches a point where continuing to consider him might have diminishing returns.

Evans probably knows what we all assume, that Baker Mayfield will be named the Bucs starting quarterback when the time comes to make the decision. It’s looked that way since March when Mayfield signed with Tampa Bay and every single indication since then has pointed toward such a conclusion.

Whether it ends up being a fruitful decision is an entirely different debate.

The point that Evans is making — and Bucs fans support — is the longer the team delays the inevitable the less time the team has to try and gel before Week 1. Tampa Bay faces an absolutely critical season this year, and time is precious. The sooner a decision is made, the sooner everyone can get on with business.