Byron Leftwich reportedly reached out to Steelers about replacing Matt Canada

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It feels like ages ago that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense was such a total dumpster fire that not even the greatest quarterback of all-time could find a way to survive in it.

Todd Bowles hired Dave Canales to turn things around, and through the first five weeks of the season, the offense looks nothing like it did last year. It comes as no surprise that Tampa Bay is 3-1 and leading the NFC South after installing a new-look offense.

Byron Leftwich was the scapegoat for the struggles last season, as the lost season is forever a stain on his time with the Bucs. He helped orchestrate an offense that won a Super Bowl back in 2020 but the fall from grace was hard and it took a total overhaul of the offense to pull the team out of the hole he dug.

He deserves his flowers for the Super Bowl season but he also deserves criticism for how poorly things went last season. The only thing Leftwich is looking for now, though, is another job and he's going to great lengths to try and secure one.

Byron Leftwich reached out to Steelers about replacing Matt Canada

It's been almost 10 months since Leftwich was fired by Bowles and he hasn't found another job. That hasn't been for a lack of trying, though. Leftwich interviewed for the Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator job and was apparently a 'serious candidate' to join Notre Dame's coaching staff before both teams went in different directions.

Leftwich remains on the hunt, and has moved to looking at jobs that aren't even open yet.

According to The Athletic's Pittsburgh Steelers beat writer Mark Kaboly, Leftwich made a 'very recent' inquiry to the Steelers about potentially becoming the team's offensive coordinator.

“I heard Byron has made some inquiries and the Steelers are ignoring it,” Kaboly said in a recent radio appearance in Pittsburgh.

Matt Canada has been under fire all season -- and really the last few seasons -- for his bland play calling. It's something that has seemingly caught up with him, as the Steelers look putrid on offense and every finger except Mike Tomlin's is pointing at both Canada and the door.

Leftwich reaching out to see if he can muscle his way in is deliciously devious and he earns some points for effort. It doesn't seem like the sort of thing the Steelers are interested in entertaining

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