3 Bucs players under the most pressure in preseason game vs. Jets

  • A worrisome situation at tackle
  • The pressure is on at QB
  • A young WR battling for a spot

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kyle Trask
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kyle Trask / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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2. Kyle Trask, QB

Before the Bucs' preseason slate began, it was announced that Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask would each start one of the team's first two games, with Mayfield getting the start in Week 1. We know by now that Mayfield looked great, completing 8-of-9 passes for 63 yards and an impressive touchdown grab by rookie Trey Palmer.

Trask, meanwhile, went 6-for-10 for 99 yards, an interception and was sacked three times. He finished with a rating of just 53.7. Throughout camp, it has seemed that Mayfield has the job locked down even though it has been labeled a competition. Mayfield has had the support of the veterans and has the pedigree behind him to get the first crack at starting this season.

Trask, though, has fallen further behind in the race after his first preseason showing. If he wants any chance to remain in this competition, he will have to step it up against the New York Jets. That might be a tough task, too, depending on how many of their defensive studs the Jets decide to play.

Truthfully, this could be a death sentence for Trask's hopes of winning the starting job. He was set up for failure, in a way, having to go up against the Jets, should they decide to put some of their top players out there.