6 players Bucs should add to practice squad after finalizing 53 man roster

Now that the 53 man roster is set, the Bucs can pad the practice squad with some pretty decent talent.
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Raiqwon O'Neal, OT

WIth as deep of a roster as the Bucs had this training camp, upside is a huge factor in determining whether to keep a guy around or not.

Undrafted rookie Raiqwon O'Neal didn’t end up making the final roster, but he has enough potential that it’s not hard to make the argument that he should stick around on the practice squad. It was actually looking like O’Neal might outright make the team, as most 53-man roster predictions had him as part of the offensive line group heading into the season.

It’s a weak position, both in terms of depth and general standing. Ryan Jensen is already out for the year and almost everything about the starting unit is new. Tristan Wirfs is at a new position, rookie Cody Mauch is going to be a starter out of the gate and guys like Luke Goedeke and Robert Hainsey are going to be relied upon to step up.

O’Neal hung close with those guys throughout camp, but his inexperience ended up being a deciding factor. Getting him on the practice squad should continue to help his growth, and the uncertain future of the offensive line could mean we see O’Neal get elevated and see meaningful action during the regular season.