Buccaneers radio announcer lays into Todd Bowles: ‘It’s hard to watch’

Dave Moore speaks for Bucs fans everywhere.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

With a dozen weeks in the books, it seems we’re not closer to learning if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a serious team or not.

At times they look phenomenal, but more often than not the team will stunt its own momentum with stupid mistakes and bad mental errors. Whenever something good happens, Bucs fans have been conditioned to expect something bad to follow close behind and the team has rarely not delivered on that.

Sunday was another example of bad coaching and poor play combining to cause the Bucs to blow a golden opportunity to get back into the NFC South race. Atlanta beating New Orleans could have created a three-way tie for first place, but the Bucs squandered that with another frustrating game against the Colts that resulted in a 27–20 loss.

It’s not just fans who are fed up with everything that’s happening. Even though the Bucs are 4-7 they haven’t been blown out in most of those losses and have been in a position to win in the final minutes. That was the case again in Week 12 but like so many times before the Bucs managed to be their own worst enemy.

Buccaneers radio announcer Dave Moore is among those who have seen enough.

Buccaneers radio announcer lays into Todd Bowles after loss to Colts

Moore, who played 13 years for the Bucs, is the team’s radio color analyst and was on hand to watch the debacle in Indy on Sunday. After the game he laid into the team, airing frustrations that fans have been feeling all season long.

“We see a lot of the same mistakes every week and they are not making the corrections,” Moore said. “They need to clean up the missed assignments, the dropped balls. They had a chance for big plays. [Winning] is taking advantage of opportunities that are given.”

Polishing off his assessment, Moore pointed to the main frustration with everything going wrong — it’s not getting better.

“It’s not that much but it’s plenty right now. It’s hard to watch when you are not getting any better,” Moore said.

It’s not hard to hear those comments and feel like they’re aimed at Todd Bowles. He’s ultimately the one responsible for cleaning up the mistakes that have plagued the team going back to last season, and once again the Bucs were those mistakes and poor play sank the team’s chances.

Aaron Stinne had a holding penalty erase a great run by Rachaad White; Tristan Wirfs allowed two huge sacks including a game-clinching strip sack; Bowles decided to take all of his timeouts into halftime again and only called one at the end of the game.

Bowles gave a frustrating comment after the game that continues an ongoing theme about how the Bucs practice well but can’t seem to translate that to gameday. That’s a major indictment of Bowles and the coaching staff, and Moore speaks for Bucs fans everywhere when he says the team is hard to watch because there’s not a lot to love after yet another brutal loss.

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