Falcons gave Buccaneers the best gift of the draft after taking Michael Penix Jr.

For some reason the Falcons decided to use the No. 8 pick on a position they didn't need to fill.
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While the Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn't go on the clock until the No. 26 pick of the NFL Draft on Thursday, they had already won the first round before the Top 10 was even over.

That's all thanks to the Atlanta Falcons deciding to use the No. 8 pick on Michael Penix Jr., rather than address an actual position of need. It's a mind-boggling decision that should make Buccaneers fans everywhere even more thankful for Jason Licht than they already are.

Atlanta was expected to take someone like Dallas Turner or Bryon Murphy II, two players that could have created some serious problems for the Bucs in the years to come. Both are menacing defensive lineman who likely would have caused headaches for an offensive line in Tampa Bay that is going to be rebuilding itself, and would have paired well with what should be a vastly improved offense.

Instead, the Falcons took Penix, which is hilarious for almost too many reasons to count.

Falcons signing Kirk Cousins is even more hilarious after drafting Michael Penix Jr.

The whole reason Buccaneers fans were feeling a little nervous about the Falcons picking No. 8 overall was because of how obvious it seemed that the pick would be a defensive player. That's why the team seemingly paid Kirk Cousins $180 million this offseason, a deal that was already an overpay but has now become even more bizarre.

Cousins is going to be the starter, which means Penix is going to sit behind him for at least the next two seasons of not the entire four year duration of the contract. That means Penix won't become the Falcons start until he's 28 years old, and in the meantime Atlanta will be passing over other potential top quarterback prospects to develop in the final years of Cousins deal.

There's also Penix's contract to consider.

Atlanta signed Cousins to a four-year deal, which means Penix will be entering the fifth and final year of his rookie contract when he becomes a starter. Perhaps the Falcons think he'll take a lighter deal since he lacks playing time to prove he's worth more, but that's an insane gamble to take.

There's a potential out to consider, which might help this make a little sense but is still no less hilarious. Cousins contract gives the Falcons an out in 2026 and they can save $32.5 million against the cap by letting him go.

Still, the Falcons are on the hook for the bulk of Cousins' guaranteed money over the first two years which means they're punting on starting Penix until at least 2026. At best they'll get two years out of him before needing to decide on his fifth year option, and that's assuming that Cousins is washed after those two seasons.

It's such a bizarre bet for the Falcons to make, one that is made mostly against themselves and is perhaps the biggest gift of the draft for the Buccaneers.

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