Grade the Trade proposal: Bucs-Alvin Kamara trade would be Saints' worst nightmare

Imagine if the Bucs were to go out and snag a rival star like this...
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Alvin Kamara
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Alvin Kamara / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

While the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wrapped up minicamp alongside the rest of the league last week, one particular division rival was worth paying attention to on the final day.

When the New Orleans Saints opened up their final mandatory minicamp practice, veteran running back Alvin Kamara was not present. Why? Kamara wants a new contract.

The Saints are known to be a financially-odd franchise, continually pushing money down the line to deal with during later years. But, would they really look to give Kamara more money after a down year, especially considering the state of the running back landscape in today's NFL?

What if New Orleans opted to part ways with Kamara? In some alternate reality, the Bucs scoop him up via a low-risk trade. What does that look like? Is it a smart decision?

Bucs could ruin the Saints with an outrageous Alvin Kamara trade

Kamara trade

Now, in this scenario, the Bucs give up a fairly-valuable asset in a future fifth-round pick. This is, indeed, for an aging running back who found himself in legal trouble not too long ago and also took a step backward in 2023.

The Bucs would also, presumably, work out a deal where Kamara gets a little more money. However, it could wind up working out in their favor due to the condition of the deal.

If Kamara were to play over 50 percent of snaps while also reaching 1,000 scrimmage yards in 2024, the pick stands as a fifth-round selection. However, if he fails to reach those two caveats, then the Bucs would only forfeit a seventh-round pick in 2025.

Assuming Kamara does what he needs to do to get the Saints a fifth-round pick, that would also likely mean that the Bucs reach new heights in the coming season. We're talking about a guy who has made a living as a dual-threat back, accounting for at least 70 receptions in five of seven seasons and having scored 77 career touchdowns.

Rachaad White isn't going anywhere, of course. He'll still be used a hefty amount of time, but in conjunction with Kamara. White's speed and ability in the passing game is too good to leave on the bench.

The rookie, Bucky Irving, would be more heavily impacted than White.

Worst-case scenario, from this deal, would be for Kamara to completely tail-off and look as though he just might, in fact, be done. The Bucs then lose out on a seventh-round pick -- no big deal.

Best-case scenario for the Bucs? Kamara and White are able to combine for over 2,000 yards from scrimmage (if not more) and this offense is rolling with Baker Mayfield, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Trey Palmer in the passing game. Tampa's defense takes it up a notch, the Bucs win the division and make a playoff run.

Meanwhile, the Saints are still stuck in mediocrity with a not-so-bright future, financially.

Grade: B