Mike Evans reveals a wish list of demands as he prepares to enter free agency

There are already a few teams we can cross off Mike Evans' free agent wish list

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Something every Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan had been bracing all season for finally happened on Friday night. After failing to reach an agreement with the team, Evans will test free agency for the first time in his career.

It's not a surprsing turn of events, even if it's a total bummer that the situation got to this point. We've all seen it coming since before the season started, though, as Evans gave the Bucs an ultimatum to wither sign him then or risk losing him in the offseason.

Tampa Bay didn't give him a new deal before Week 1 and now the bridge is being crossed in which the team could lose the best offensive player in franchise history. Evans testing free agency isn't a guaruntee that he'll leave the Bucs, but it significantly increases the potential of that happening.

It's clear Evans isn't going to settle for anything less than the best for himself, which was made abundantly clear in the list of free agency demands his agent revealed shortly after news broke that he'd be testing the open market.

Mike Evans reveals what he's looking for in free agency

NFL insider Jordan Schultz spoke with Evans' agent, Deryk Gilmore, and gave an outline of what the wide receiver will be looking for in free agency.

“Mike wants to play with an elite quarterback in an offense that will showcase him — and be paid like a top wide receiver. He doesn’t want to play with a rookie QB. Winning a Super Bowl is a key priority," Gilmore said.

That wish list seems a little more intense than it comes off, as we've all known Evans isn't going to be settling for anything less than the absolute best situation for himself. Nothing in there is a surprise, as teams like the Chiefs and Jets have already been tossed out as options, and money has been at the heart of this situation since the start.

Evans has been underpaid for most of his career, even if he's also still been well-paid. He's one of, if not the, best reciever in the league and wants to be paid as such which is a completely fair stance for him to take. He's earned that and we're now going to see if other teams around the league share the same line of thinking.

That's ultimately what this will all come down to. The Bucs and Evans have been in a stalemate since they each have two different numbers in their heads in terms of value. Adding in third parties via free agency will firmly establish a number and help determine if the Bucs should match it.

Bringing back Evans should be something the team bends a little bit to do, which is what Jason Licht indicated might be the case. Everyone in Tampa Bay wants him to retire with the Buccaneers and Evans has stated a desire to do so as well, but we'll see if that future is something that lines up with what Evans really wants once he starts talking to other teams.

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