4 realistic running back trades targets for Buccaneers

If the Bucs make a move before the deadline, a few guys make sense to target.

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Ezekiel Elliott

Here we are again, circling back to Ezekiel Elliott.

Rumors popped up this offseason that the Bucs could be a landing spot for Zeke after the Cowboys cut him, but nothing ever ended up happening. Most of that had to do with how Tampa Bay wanted to see what they had with Rachaad White and Sean Tucker, but the money didn't make sense either. The Bucs were cash-strapped after taking their medicine for the Tom Brady years and even a cheap Zeke was too expensive.

He ended up landing in New England and has put together a respectable season as a backup, but all of the reasons he made sense over the summer still make sense now.

Elliott adds a different dynamic to the Bucs backfield, as he's a much bigger runner than White and can provide a change of pace akin to what Leonard Fournette provided when things were going well with him. He also has familiarity with running back coach Skip Peete, who might be able to help tap back into the magic he had last season in Dallas alongside Tony Pollard. It won't be the vintage version of Zeke that the Bucs get, but it could be a low-risk gamble to take on a guy who might help jumpstart the run game.

There's also the New England-to-Tampa Bay pipeline to consider. If the Patriots are going to blow things up there's no reason for them to hang onto Zeke, and Bill Belichick has a history of doing business with the Bucs. He knows Jason Licht and it's not hard to see the two coming to terms on a deal that makes sense for both sides.

Elliott is past his prime but he probably has a few good years still left in him. If the price is right, bringing him in to see what happens certainly couldn't hurt.

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