Predicting the Buccaneers next five games after 3-1 start

The Bucs are off to a hot start, but things aren't going to stay this easy.
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Week 10: Buccaneers vs. Titans prediction

CBS. Nov. 12th, 2023. Bucs-Titans. . L. 35. W. 48. 1pm ET

DeAndre Hopkins is going to be problem, but the Bucs secondary should be both better and healthier by the time this game rolls around. Not only that, but Nuke almost went for 200 yards in Week 5 and the Titans still found a way to lose to the Colts -- a team that is arguably a few tiers below the Tampa Bay.

Tennessee always plays weird games, and nothing is straight forward. Even with talent like Derrick Henry and DeAndre Hopkins, the Titans are never in blowouts and always manage to end up onthe wrong side of nail biters.

That's a perfect recipe for a Bucs win in Week 10.

Baker and the Bucs have been through a few tight games already, bleeding out the Vikings in Week 1 and closing out the Bears the week after. Even in the loss to Philly, Tampa Bay managed to find a groove late and claw back; that's something that could come into play against the Titans. In a game that is likely to be tight the whole way through, the Bucs have demonstrated an ability to find the right gear late and pull away.

That's something perfectly designed to help the team in situations like the one they'll probably be in against Tennessee.

Buccaneers record: 6-3

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