A fan captured an awesome alternate angle of Bucs stuffing Eagles 'Tush Push'

There's no brotherly shoving in Tampa.

It's safe to say that one of the most hated plays in football right now is the Tush Push. The Philadelphia Eagles have perfected the move, and it's been both hailed as innovative and chastised as ruining the spirit of the game.

The reason most people hate it is because it almost always works. If the Eagles are in a short yardage situation -- either trying to extend a drive or score a touchdown -- the play is almost always automatic.

It's not perfect, though, and it's not impossible to stop it.

That's something the Tampa Bay Buccaneers proved on Monday in the finale of Wild Card Weekend.

Awesome alternate angle of Bucs stopping Eagles Tush Push

After the Eagles scored their first touchdown of the game on a pass to Dallas Goedert, it appeared they would be kicking an extra point and making it a six point game. However, Zyon McCollum jumped offsides and the entire situation changed on a dime

The penalty allowed the Eagles to try again but also attempt a two point conversion to close the gap even further. We all knew what was going to happen next, as the ball on the 1-yard line meant the controversial Tush Push was coming right at the Bucs defense.

Unlike the other times the play has been run, Tampa Bay stuffed it and kept the Eagles out of the endzone.

One fan in the endzone stands captured an awesome alternate angle that we didn't see on the television broadcast.

Meanwhile, fans watching at home provided excellent meme content to celebrate the Tush Push getting stuffed.

Did the Buccaneers get away with a facemask while stopping the Tush Push?

Eagles fans had a different perspective, though. A closer look appears to show the BUcs getting away with a facemask that would have given the Eagles another shot at a two point conversion. The chances of stopping the Tush Push once are low enough, and it's unlikely Tampa Bay would have been able to keep the Eagles out twice.

The facemask went uncalled, and we were all reminded that the Tush Push is hardly an undefeated play.

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