Watch: Scuffle breaks out at Bucs camp after Rachaad White gets leveled (Video)

Tempers flared in Tampa after some Buccaneers players took exception to how hard Rachaad White as hit during a play in practice.


Football is officially back in more than one way at Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp.

While players are slowing starting to get back into gear ahead of the preseason starting next week, some guys are a little more fired up than others and not everyone is on the same page. This was the case at practice this week, when a scuffle broke out between offensive and defensive players following a monster hit on running back Rachaad White.

During the play, linebacker Brandon Bouyer-Randle got a little too amped up and laid out White.

White wasn’t injured on the play and didn’t stay on the turf long, both because he didn’t appear to be hurt but also because he was ready to get into Bouyer-Randle’s grill. White wasn’t the only player who didn’t like the ferocity of the hit, and a scuffle broke out.

It took less than a week to get our first training camp fight of the year, folks.

Scuffle breaks out at Bucs camp after Rachaad White takes hard hit (Video)

Here’s a look at the play. It appears as though White is hit from his blindside and is defenseless when contact is made. It was intense enough to elicit some ‘ooohs’ from the crowd watching.

The play apparently is not the first incident where things have gotten a little too intense on the practice field. After the scuffle, head coach Todd Bowles addressed the media and indicated that it was another in a series of moments that got a little out of control.

“It wasn’t just that play. There were quite a few plays that happened. We’ve got to take better care of each other,” Bowles said.

That’s not a great sign.

Last year one of the biggest things that held the Bucs back was how mental mistakes weren’t coached out of the players. Bowles has time to get a grip on things, but it’s not a particularly great look that the team is already encountering turbulence that needs to be controlled.

The quesiton is has the coaching staff learned from mistakes made last season, or is this an early warning sign that more mental mistakes and coachable errors are on the way? Hopefully it’s just one of many training camp scuffles we see across the league this time of year and not anything deeper than that.