Cam Jordan said he wants to fight Ryan Jensen after hurling insults at him on 'Up & Adams'

The Bucs continue to live rent free inside of Cam Jordan's head.
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One of the subplots to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers season last year was how badly Cam Jordan self-owned himself at almost every turn.

The New Orleans Saints star talked a big game over the offseason, gleefully participating in how everyone was dunking on the Bucs following Tom Brady's retirement. It seemed he couldn't keep Tampa Bay's name out of his mouth, and that hasn't changed even after the Bucs won the NFC South for a third straight year.

Before the season Jordan claimed that the Bucs were going to go 'back to being who they were' before Brady arrived and he took a lame shot at the team ahead of a Week 4 matchup the Saints ended up losing by double-digits.

“Is there a rivalry with the Bucs I don’t know about?” Jordan said. ”Our only real rivalry is with [Atlanta] and it’s not really a rivalry.”

While the Saints got a win in Tampa Bay later in the season, New Orleans missed the playoffs and is currently in paying well over the cap limit to finish in second place. The Saints haven't won a meaningful game over the Bucs this decade, from losing in the NFC Divisional Round to coughing up tiebreakers, but that hasn't stopped Jordan from running his mouth with a lot of words aimed at Tampa Bay.

Cam Jordan says Ryan Jensen is the player he wants to fight the most

Jordan was chatting with Kay Adams in Las Vegas when he brought up the Bucs almost unprompted. Adams was doing a bit where she asked Jordan random questions, one of which was wondering which player he'd most like to fight.

Not only did Jordan take a shot at Ryan Jensen, but he hurled some insults at him by way of feigning as though he didn't know who he was -- despite answering a very specific question.

"Oh, the trash can," Jordan said, trying to pretend like he didn't know who he was talking about. "Whatever his name is, I won't think of it. He's been hurt for a few years ... I'm going to refrain from saying his name ... Big holder, big after extra after the snap guy."

It wasn't long before everyone connected the dots that it was Jensen who Jordan was talking about. After Adams tried to defuse the awkward tension by defending Jensen, Jordan got one more back in.

"Ryan Jensen, I love you," Adams said.

"I don't," Jordan quipped.

It wasn't a totally unprompted shot, but Jordan knew exactly what he was doing. It's yet another example of a team he claims to not spend much time thinking about becoming the focus of whatever conversation he's having.

This isn't the first time Jordan has taken a shot at the Bucs and it won't be the last. All that matters, though, is that the Saints haven't backed up any of the trash they've collectively talked in recent years.

Jensen has a reputation for not being exactly cordial on the field, which has even drawn the ire of Bucs fans due to the countless personal foul penalties he's racked up over the years with his excessive aggressiveness. He's almost been a pillar for the locker room and was perhaps the Bucs biggest supporter last year despite being placed on IR for the entire season.

Not for nothing, but injury that Jordan shrugged off was a series of serious knee injuries that utimately ended his career. Jensen retired last week after a decade in the league, but it's clear he and the Bucs still have acres of free real estate inside of Cam Jordan's head.

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