Chris Godwin could be in for a make-or-break season with Buccaneers

It's going to be a big season for Chris Godwin one way or another.
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We've only just reached the OTA phase of the offseason, but it's never too early to look ahead toward what the future might hold.

Specifically for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the future means considering where the chips might fall in free agency next offseason. This winter saw the team manage to retain top talent like Antoine Winfield Jr., Baker Mayfield, and Mike Evans while bringing back other veterans like Lavonte David, Chase Edmonds, and Jordan Whitehead (who returned to Tampa Bay after two seasons with the Jets).

Next March could be equally as important when it comes to re-signing key players. Tristan Wirfs is already holding out to try and get ahead of negotiations, and wide receiver Chris Godwin will also need a new contract.

ESPN talked with its beat writers about which players in contract seasons could be in for extensions, and Jenna Laine outlined where things stand with Godwin.

“Godwin is entering the third and final year of a $60 million deal with the Bucs, and sources close to the situation told ESPN that talks on an extension have not started. The Bucs will want to see how he performs in Liam Coen's offense moving back to the inside, where Godwin saw a heavy amount of production in Bruce Arians' offense,” Laine wrote.

Will Chris Godwin get a new contract with Buccaneers after 2024?

This is the multi-million question, as the Bucs are in a bit of a tough spot when it comes to how to proceed with Godwin. He's without a doubt an important piece of the offense, but the question is whether or not his best years are behind him.

It's also worth wondering what the flipside of that is, which is the more likely question everyone will be pondering. A bounceback season for Godwin would drive his price up, and potentially out of the range Tampa Bay is willing to spend.

While not solely because of the impending Godwin decision, the Bucs did take a proactive measure to potentially replace him by drafting Jalen McMillan in the third round of this year's NFL Draft. Ideally he'll form a three-headed monster with Godwin and Mike Evans, but there's a reality where he ends up becoming Tampa Bay's WR2 after this season.

It would sting to lose Godwin, but having him put together a season that raises his price is a good thing for everyone. There's not guaruntee that the Bucs won't match a high number for Godwin, nor is it impossible to fathom him meeting Tampa Bay in the middle like so many other long-timer vets have.

Above all, a price hike on Godwin would mean he had an incredible season which is exactly what everyone should be rooting for.

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