Devin White wasted no time removing all mention of the Bucs from his social media accounts

It would appear Devin White already has one foot out the door.
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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It took less than a few hours for Devin White to go from playing just a handful of snaps in the NFC Divisional Round to removing all mention of his soon-to-be former team from his social media accounts.

Since a bizarre scenario in Week 15 when he was made inactive moments before Tampa Bay’s game up in Lambeau, White has been on an otherwise uninterrupted downward trajectory. He lost his starting job to K.J. Britt, and was used rotationally in the Bucs final five games of the season. It’s a truly baffling fall from grace, as a key piece of Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl run in 2020 recorded a mere three tackles during this postseason run.

The writing was already on the wall for White, but it appears a parting of the ways might end up being mutual when all is said and done this offseason. He’s already made the first cliche move in signaling he’s moving on, removing almost every mention of the Bucs from his Instagram account before the weekend was over.

Lest we forget the games White played over the offseason when he posted cryptic messages to his IG account before trying to shrug them off as something we were all reading into. As it turned out, people were picking up exactly what he was laying down, and now push has come to shove.

Udate: White has apparently double backed and has added mentions of the Bucs back to his account.

It still doesn't change the offseason that he faces in Tampa Bay, although it might be the beginning of building an important bridge.

Devin White’s time with the Buccaneers appears to be over

What happened to Devin White has been a question fans have been asking themselves for years, and it seems everyone has grown tired of trying to find an answer. He kicked up dust this past offseason by requesting a trade amid contract negotiations and proceeded to not at all live up to the billing of a $100 million linebacker.

He disappeared in key moments, was often on the wrong side of big plays, and got cooked by everyone from Justin Fields to Gardner Minshew on quarterback scrambles inside of the 10-yard line.

Falling under the spell of Minshew Magic is objectively Not Great, but it’s even worse when someone who is supposed to be on White’s level is victimized.

That’s what makes everything all the more frustrating: White is better than this. He’s an All-Pro linebacker who is a key member of a Super Bowl defense when he’s operating at the level we’ve come to expect from him, but it’s been a while since he’s been there.

He started digging his own grave in Tampa when he lashed out over not getting paid what he thought he deserved but kept shoveling dirt on top of himself by not backing any of that up. Someone will give him a make-good contract and here’s to hoping he does exactly that. White helped bring a Lombardi Trophy to Tampa Bay but he’s been dining out on that ever since and the bill has come due.

There’s a chance he comes back on a cheap deal, but having been pushed out of the starting lineup and into a rotational role seemingly signals the end of his time with the Bucs. He’s a good player and it would be awesome to see him tap back into that, but if he does it appears he’ll be doing it somewhere else.

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