Jameis Winston shouts out Mike Evans amid free agency rumors

The former Bucs QB is hyping up Mike Evans ahead of an offseason where he’s set to get paid big.
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Jameis Winston recently appeared on the Pardon My Take Podcast, and the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback offered some insight into his life and football career. During the podcast, Winston was asked who the more underrated linebacker was between Bucs' Lavonte David and Saints' Demario Davis. After contemplating the question, Winston chose a wild card option: Mike Evans.

"I don't know who is more underrated, but I know the caliber of men they both are, and I know both of them should be and will be Hall of Famers. But I feel like the most underrated player I've played with that people don't give enough respect to is Mike Evans. He is the person that flies under the radar a lot."

Winston and the PMT hosts discussed Evans' Hall of Fame resume and his potential to reach Mount Rushmore status among wide receivers based on his consistent production.

"Mike Evans, if you look at it, if he plays five or six more years it will be Mike Evans, Randy Moss, Jerry Rice, [Terell Owens]. Just this vaunted group of receivers that are just unassailable. These are the top five guys and people don't give him enough credit. 1,000 yards every year, and he's been in the league for ten years," said PMT host Dan "Big Cat" Katz.

Winston added, "And you look at statistical things but when you look at the size, the speed, the bend, how he is running these routes and creating separation. He's doing it in a detailed, skilled way. He's not doing it because of his unique athletic ability or his talent. He's doing it because he trains in this way."

Jameis Winston is hyping up Mike Evans amid free agency rumors

Winston praised Evans' team-first mentality, and discussed how Evans' selfless demeanor contrasts from other star receivers that Winston has played with.

“Mike [Evans], he don't complain about nothing. He don't give you no beef. He is just a cool, laid-back person that's gonna show up to work, do his job, and out-do everybody on the field. He is so dominant... He doesn't get the respect he deserves," said Winston. "He's been doing this since he got in the league. And you leave him off All-Pros, you leave him off Pro Bowls and stuff like that. The NFL culture doesn't know what they're missing with Mike Evans."

Winston's career with the Buccaneers didn't end in the way he had hoped, but he still expresses love towards his former teammates and coaches. In the interview, he would go on to praise Gerald McCoy and Vincent Jackson, as well as Bruce Arians, Byron Leftwich, and Clyde Christensen, all of whom Winston has a genuine respect and appreciation for. Say what you want about Winston, but he has always been a loyal, outstanding teammate and it is no wonder why there is such mutual respect between Winston and his former Bucs teammates.

Winston touched on endless subjects in his podcast appearance, including his infamous "Eat a W" speech, which he finally gave a proper explanation for.

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