Everything to know about the weird Keyshawn Johnson, Warren Sapp feud

The former Buccaneers teammates are feuding on social media and airing each other's dirty laundry.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Philadelphia Eagles - September 8, 2003
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Philadelphia Eagles - September 8, 2003 / Al Messerschmidt/GettyImages
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Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans thought they were going to have a drama-free weekend with the team on a bye. Keyshawn Johnson and Warren Sapp had other ideas, though, and decided to engage in a full-on feud on social media.

Pretend to be surprised, even though nobody is shocked to hear that Sapp is randomly pulling skeletons out of the closet while Keyshawn claps back at him in defense.

These two goofballs going at each other wouldn't be that notable if wasn't for the context through which the drama is being dragged. Sapp called out Keyshawn in an effort to diminish his role in the Buccaneers Super Bowl success, or at least go on the record as saying he was almost as much of a passenger on the ride as fans in the stands were.

It's werid, it's ugly, but it's the type of tea we can't help but sip.

Everything to know about the Warren Sapp-Keyshawn Johnson feud

The dust got kicked up late last week when Sapp appeared on Jason Whitlock's show and called out Keyshawn for being a bad teammate in Tampa Bay. While Sapp admitted that Keyshawn is a 'next-level talent', he spent more time rattling off the reasons he was more of a problem with the Buccaneers than a solution.

It's a notable feud, but not every Buccaneers fan has the time nor the patience to indulge either of these two in their bickering. We'll dig into the nitty gritty down below, but if you want the 'Not reading all of that but happy for you or sorry that happened' version, here's the cliff notes summary.

Overview (aka, the TL;DR Version)

Sapp said that after the 1999 NFC Championship Game, Keyshawn called up the Bucs and told him that if they brought him in he'd lead their offense and help them win a Super Bowl. Given how much the offense was dragging an all-time defense down, this was the right sales pitch at the right time. However, when Johnson arrived, Sapp said he didn't show up to offseason workouts and basically coasted as much as he could while riding the coattails of the defense.

It got so bad, according to Sapp, that Keyshawn didn't know the plays in the huddle during games or where to lineup on the field. Johnson also apparently lobbied to get Shaun King replaced and took advantage of Tony Dungy's laid-back coaching style.

"It was ugly," Sapp said.

Needless to say, Keyshawn didn't take lightly to these random accusations and clapped back at Sapp on social media.

Sapp responded to Keyshawn's tweet and started dragging Derrick Brooks into the mess by dropping his handle. Brooks has stayed out of it, as has every other Bucs player mentioned, with Johnson trying to drop the hammer and get the last word.

Honestly, who among us is surprised that twenty years later it's these two getting into a war of words with each other?

Alright, for those who want to swirl their spoon in the tea and dig deeper into this mess, here are some notable pieces of laundry that got aired.