Latest Baker Mayfield contract projections keep getting more expensive

The price on Baker Mayfield certainly isn't going down.

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The biggest question surrounding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers heading into free agency is what will happen with Baker Mayfield.

Other pressing matters include re-signing Antoine Winfield Jr., Mike Evans, and a few other key veterans, but everything seems to hinge on Baker getting a deal. Once the Bucs have their quarterback locked in, all other moves will likely fall into place.

Reaching a agreement is easier said than done. Jason Licht and the Bucs front office has worked hard to cultivate a great relationship with Baker, and that's already started to pay off in the early phases of his free agency. While national outlets continue to try and drive a wedge between Baker and the Bucs -- such as suggesting New England as a potentially better landing spot -- the noise seems to be blcoekd out by those who matter in the situation.

Free agency opens in a few weeks and the Bucs would like to get a deal with Baker done well before then.

Baker Mayfield contract projections keep going up ahead of free agency

Spotrac gave an updated projection of Baker's potential salary and the price keeps going up on the Bucs. The new figure would have the Bucs paying a four-year, $120 million contract with $53 million guaranteed and a total of $85 million partially guaranteed.

Here's a partial breakdown of what the projected deal might look like:
















One bit of upside is how the contract might be structured, as Spotrac projects a back-loaded deal that would have the Bucs taking the brunt of it after 2025. This could allow the team to make some moves in the short term, like bringing back Mike Evans and making sure Antoine Winfield Jr and Tristan Wirfs get paid.

It's a pretty massive projection, but it sort of feels right based on where the conversation around Baker's value has gone. The good news is that he's not expected to hold the Bucs over a barrel and the team has indicated all along that it doesn't intend to lowball him. Fair market value is what the front office has preached and the mutual agreement that the two sides are a fit for one another goes a long way.

A deal in the $75 million range, plus incentives, is a lot more palatable, but it might be on the lower end of what the Bucs end up giving Baker when all is said and done.

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