Latest Jalen Hurts injury update is a fortunate break for the Bucs ahead of Wild Card game

The stars continue to align for a potential Wild Card upset in Tampa Bay on Monday.
Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

It's not hyperbole to say that Monday's Wild Card game is the biggest moment of the last two years for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Last year's trip to the playoffs felt completely unearned, a default product of a terrible division and the luck of having Tom Brady at quarterback. This season things were different, as the midseason struggles were not only corrected but paid off in an unexpected return to the playoffs as division champions.

Jobs were saved with how the team turned things around, and the stage is set for the good times to miraculously continue.

The Bucs luck continues to roll, as the Philadelphia Eagles are heading to Tampa Bay reeling and banged up at key positions. Wide receiver A.J. Brown hasn't practiced since suffering a knee injury in Week 18 while the latest word on Jalen Hurts -- from the man himself, no less -- isn't exactly good news for the Eagles.

Latest Jalen Hurts injury update is a fortunate break for Buccaneers

While speaking with the media on Thursday, Hurts gave an update on his injured finger that caused ears to perk up all over Tampa. Hurts was asked about whether he's been able to throw much since his Week 18 injury, and his answer is not what Eagles fans wanted to hear.

"I have not," Hurts said. "Obviously, leaving that game, and attempting to go back into that game, probably wasn't physically the best idea."

Hurts did make sure to mention that everything is progressing well, but it still sounds like he's pretty far from being fully healthy. For what it's worth, Hurts has been at practice for the Eagles and suiting up all week. He was spotted with a glove on his throwing hand, which isn't exactly great for Philly but is at least better than the alternative.

For the Bucs, this is a fortunate break -- no pun intended. Philly isn't the same team that showed up in Tampa Bay back in Week 3, as the Eagles have been bouncing down the mountain like Homer Simpson since beating the Chiefs, losing five of their last six games.

Losses to the 49ers, Cowboys, and Seahawks are understandable but losing to the Cardinals and Giants is concerning. Philly barely beat the Giants on Christmas, needing to hold New York off from a last second touchdown drive, so even the one win in that stretch of games was hardly impressive.

One of the brighest stars aligning for the Bucs, especially in light of the injury to Hurts, is the new-look defense Philly will see. Carlton Davis missed the first meeting and Jamel Dean needed to leave early with an injury. Rookie Yaya Diaby didn't start turning things on until later in the season and Antoine Winfield has elevated his game to another stratosphere since Week 3.

Tampa Bay is hardly perfect, and we've seen the team beat itself more than a few times this year. It's believable that they'd find a way to get in their own way, but the Eagles are a shell of the team that beat the Bucs in September and Tampa Bay has more than a fighting chance as things continue to break their way.

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