NFL fans defend Mike Evans after being disrespected by Madden 24 wide receiver rankings

  • Madden 24 ratings were revealed on Monday
  • Mike Evans was given a 90 OVR
  • He was ranked 12th-best among WRs
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints
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We are just weeks away from the release of the next Madden game, with Madden 24 hitting shelves and digital stores on August 15th. In the lead up, as is the case every year, the Madden ratings reveal is a pretty big topic, both because of how the game rates certain players and the fact that we are trapped in a void with nothing else to talk about.

EA and Madden gave fans something to talk about on Monday though, and it extended beyond just the simple reveal of some ratings.

Madden 24 wide receiver ratings were revealed on Monday and somehow continued an anti-Bucs agenda that has been brewing all offseason long. Mike Evans is a member of the 90 OVR Club, but that's where he topped put.

The fact that Evans is only a 90 overall in the game is one thing, but it's how far down the list of receivers you have to go before you find his name that had fans on Twitter fired up.

NFL Twitter defends Mike Evans after Madden 24 WR ratings revealed

There's no arguing with the top of the list, as Justin Jefferson very much deserves to be the best receiver in the game after the season he had. The debate starts after that, and extends all the way down to No. 12 where Evans was ranked.

Fans on Twitter took exception to the 90 overall rating Madden gave Evans and how he was ranked behind certain receivers.

There shouldn't be much of a debate that Evans is among the very best recievers in the NFL. Not Top 15 or Top 12 -- top tier.

Evans is chasing his 10th consecutive 1,000 yard season and has managed to put up Hall of Fame numbers on one of the worst teams of the last decade. Tom Brady helped elevate Evans' status among casual football fans, and fantasy owners know how good Evans is, but there still seems to be a constant stream of disrespect aimed his way and it's been that way his whole career.

Not to go all Kanye here, but Mike Evans is one of the Top 3 receivers in the game today and it's not even particularly close. Put any of the guys ranked above him aganist Evans and there are only a few that you might take over him.

That doesn't sound like the 12th-best receiver in the game, but it does sound on-brand for the type of disrespect the Bucs have endured all offseason long.