Yes, there's a Manningcast for Buccaneers vs. Eagles Wild Card game: How to watch

  • Peyton and Eli will be broadcasting during the Bucs-Eagles game
  • Bruce Arians is slated to be a guest
  • Here's everything to know and how to watch
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

It's been a weekend of football that has truly lived up to the wild part of the Wild Card round. The Dallas Cowboys were embarassed at home -- again -- while the Houston Texans emphatically announced their arrival by putting a thourough whooping on the Cleveland Browns.

All eyes are on Tampa Bay for the Wild Card weekend finale, as the Buccaneers have a chance to dagger the doubters and pull off one of the most unexpected seasons in recent memory. Almost every expert predicted the Bucs would do nothing more than tank for a high draft pick this year, as the wake of Tom Brady retiring washed away any hope for the team.

The players and coaches in the locker room had other ideas.

Baker Mayfield went from being trolled to being praised as a Comeback Player of the Year candidate, and Todd Bowles managed to navigate choppy midseason waters to coach the Bucs to a third straight division title. It's the fourth straight season Tampa Bay is bound for the playoffs, but fans are hoping things end a little bit better than they did last season.

It's the same story but a different NFC East opponent in the Wild Card, as the Philadelphia Eagles come to town battered and beaten down but looking to get right before it's too late. The Bucs have their work cut out, but there's a different energy around the team than there was before getting blown out by the Cowboys last year.

Same as it was a year ago, there will be a Manningcast for fans to watch and hopefully listen to the sweet sound of victory.

Manningcast guests tonight for Bucs-Eagles Wild Card game

There will only be a pair of guests for tonight's game, with former Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians sitting in for the first half. He'll be followed by Hall of Famer Ray Lewis, as it seems the Manning brothers were unable to secure some sort of Eagles guest to balance things out.

There's a chance we get a surprise guest, but giving a whole half to two football legends feels like the right move.

How to watch Manningcast for Buccaneers vs. Eagles Wild Card game

Just like it is during the regular season, there will be three broadcasts of the game. One will air on ABC and another on ESPN, both of which will feature Joe Buck and Troy Aikman in the booth. ESPN2 will be where this Wild Card edition of the Manningcast is being broadcast.

Here's everything you need to know:

  • Start Time: 8 pm ET
  • TV Channel: ESPN2
  • Live Stream: ESPN+ | Fubo
  • Guests: Bruce Arians, Ray Lewis

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