Everything Mike Evans said in his press conference announcing return to Buccaneers

Mike Evans is officially back, and he had a lot to say in his press conference announcing his new deal.

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Mike Evans is officially back with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The future Hall of Famer agreed to terms on a new two-year deal on Monday and capped things off with a press conference announcing the deal on Friday.

Jason Licht kicked things off by praising Evans and his family for what he's done not only for the Buccaneers but the Tampa community too.

"The moment I heard Mike wanted to be a Buc for life, I'll never forget where I was," Licht said.

Licht got emotional and kept mentioning how much Evans has meant to him not just over these last four glorious years but his entire tenure in Tampa Bay. Evans was Licht's first draft pick, something he repeatedly said with pride, and also told a fantastic story about how Wayne Gretzky was the first person to learn of the deal.

Apparently Licht was at a charity event for Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Jon Cooper and was talking with Gretzky when he got the call. That was the cherry on top of a monumentous press conference in which Evans reiterated that he plans on being with the Buccaneers for his entire career.

"It's very rare to stay with a team for the entirety of your career, and that was a big goal of mine," Evans said. "Tampa, I love y'all."

That wasn't all he said, as Evans touched on a number of different topics and question as he was welcomed back to the Buccaneers -- hopefully for life.

Everything Mike Evans said in his press conference announcing return to Buccaneers

How close was he to becoming a free agent?

"Obviously I wanted to be a Buccaneers, and when you play for a team for so long you wonder what it's like to play for another team," Evans said. "Tampa has always been my home and it's where I've always wanted to be. My agents got a great deal done with Jason and I couldn't pass up on it. I look forward to being a Buc for life."

On his relationship with Baker Mayfield

"Me and Baker we played one season together, and I feel like we can build on what he did last year," Evans said. "Hopefully we get him back. He's a helluva player. They're gonna handle their process and I trust Jason and the front office no matter what happens."

On his goals for the rest of his career

"There's a lot more I have to chase, and a lot more I have to prove to the fanbase. I left a lot on the table last year, and there are some things I can do to fix that this offseason," Evans said. "I can definitely be way better than I was last year."

On new offensive coordinator Liam Coen

"Nothing but great things I've heard about [Liam Coen]," Evans said. "He was excited to get the opportunity to work with me and I'm equally excited. We talked about a lot of things, about getting me the ball and you know I love getting the ball. So if he wants to do that I'm appreciative so that definitely helped my decision as well."

On being a playoff contender the last four years

"I think we always have a chance. When we have our core guys, I feel like we always have a chance. These last four years have been a dream and it's been what every player wishes they'd have throughout their entire career," Evans said. "These last four years have been a dream."

On Baker Mayfield being an elite quarterback

"It's on record that I've played with many quarterbacks throughout my career, but that doesn't matter. Whoever the quarterback is, he's an NFL quarterback. But me and Baker we have a really great connection and I think he's an elite quarterback."

On how competitive the Buccaneers can be this year

"I think we're in a really good place. We could have been better last year, we were super close to making it to the NFC Championship," Evans said. "I wish I could have played a little bit better in the postseason and helped us get to the NFC Championship and that's what I plan on doing this year."

One main takeaway from his press conference was Evans repeatedly saying he wants to get better, which is an incredibly scary thought for the rest of the league. He's already put together a solid Hall of Fame resume but it sounds like he's not even remotely close to being satisfied with how far he's come.

Evans thinks there's more mountain to climb, and plans on doing it in a Buccaneers uniform. Few things have sounded as sweet as hearing that over and over again.

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