Mike Evans posts perfect message on IG after signing new deal with Buccaneers

It's clear that Mike Evans is happy to be back in Tampa Bay.
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Less than a year ago the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were given an ultimatum to either re-sign Mike Evans before Week 1 or risk losing him in the offseason. No deal was reached then, but on Monday the Bucs handed Evans a fat two-year contract that will keep him away from free agency and back where he belongs.

Mike Evans has stated all along that he wants to spend his entire career with the Buccaneers and the feeling is absolutely mutual. He's by far the best offensive player in franchise history and continues to solidify his Hall of Fame resume. It's something Evans will keep doing in a Bucs uniform for at least the next two seasons, despite a heavy barrage of rumors this past week,

There was a ton of legitimate interest on the open market, and the chances of Evans leaving have never seemed as real ad they did in the lead up to next week's legal tampering period opening. Teams like the Chiefs, Jets, and Texans were all linked to Evans but all will now have to look elsewhere for help.

Evans is back with the Buccaneers and based on his reaction after the deal was made official, he couldn't be happier.

Mike Evans posted the perfect reaction after signing new deal with Buccaneers

Not long after the deal was announced, Evans posted his reaction on Instagram and it was perfect.

While the two sides didn't see eye-to-eye at the start of the process, this is a reminder of just how badly Evans wanted to be back in Tampa Bay. That was always the most likely outcome to this whole ordeal, which was something everyone failed to read into everytime Evans went out of his way to say he wants to retire with the Bucs.

Players don't just say that, they have to mean it and coming to an agreement on this deal is proof of that. It's also a case of the Bucs putting some money where their mouth is, as all along the front office had been saying the interest in Evans spending his whole career in Tampa Bay was mutual.

Evans has more than two years left in his career, but this new deal at least guarantees he'll be back -- and well paid -- and creates more time for the Bucs to keep working out something longer. That might not happen until next season, but it's unlikely that we'll ever get this close to Evans leaving again.

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