NFL Draft expert might have figured out Buccaneers plans for No. 26 pick

The math adds up based on what we've seen from Jason Licht before
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It's almost time for the NFL Draft, meaning another potential masterpiece could drop from Jason Licht.

Last year he put together a class that included impact players like Calijah Kancey, Trey Palmer, and Yaya Diaby, which is par for the course with how he's drafted. Licht has a knack for finding the right talent at exactly the right value -- if not more -- and he's primed to do it again.

The Bucs have the No. 26 pick thanks to putting together a surprisingly impressive season, which puts them in a position to continue reloading for another run next season.

ESPN expert lays out potential NFL Draft plan for Buccaneers

NFL Draft insider Matt Miller gave some insight on what he's hearing about each team's NFL Draft plans and noted that the Buccaneers are leaning toward defensive help with the No. 26 pick. Specifically, he believes Tampa Bay will target an edge rusher who falls down the board and wait to address the offensive line on Day 2.

The Buccaneers were very active on the pro day circuit visiting with the top pass-rushers in the class," Miller wrote. "The expectation is the team could target a defensive end with the No. 26 pick and then hit needs on the offensive line in Round 2 or with one of two selections in Round 3.

Trying to figure out Jason Licht's draft plans is like trying to decode The Matrix, but it's not hard to follow recent bread crumbs to figure out what he might be thinking. Last year the Bucs were heavily rumored to be taking either a quarterback or and offensive tackle -- both serious positions of need -- but opted instead for Calijah Kancey with th No. 19 pick.

Miller is suggesting something similar, which makes sense given how Licht thinks. The guard class is pretty deep this year, so there's no need to reach for one too early in the draft at the expense of another position. Edge rusher is another area of need for the Bucs but is much more top-heavy with talent, so taking one at No. 26 and doubling up later on offensive lineman makes sense.

Of course, only Jason Licht knows what he's thinking and we've seen him zig when everyone expect a zag. If there's one thing he does do it's nail draft classes which should have Bucs fans exicted regardless of whether we know the exact plan.

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