NFL RedZone crashed in the middle of Week 5 and everyone lost their minds

Oh no.

Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions
Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions / Mark Cunningham/GettyImages

The Tampa Bay Bay Buccaneers were on their bye this week, leaving fans to find something else to watch on Sunday afternoon.

Unfortunately, the Rays didn't hold up their end of the bargain, as they would have been in action in the ALDS had they not laid an egg against Texas, which meant if Bucs fans wanted to watch football they'd have to find one of the other games on this week to pass the time with.

It's weekends like this where NFL RedZone comes through in the clutch, as fans don't have to stick to just a single game and can instead bounce around all of the action. That is, of course, if the channel actually works.

Fans in Florida are no strangers to cable companies messing with their ability to watch games -- looking at you, Spectrum -- but it's an entirely different thing when the channel just doesn't work.

That's what happened on Sunday when NFL RedZone abruptly went dark in the middle of the late-afternoon slate of games.

NF RedZone Channel crashed, leaving fans in the dark

Like a switch being flipped, the channel went dark and left fans at home staring at a black screen.

Needless to say, fans at home went into a panic when the feed unexpectedly went dark.

Of course this would happen on a Sunday when the Bucs aren't playing and fans can't watch Baker and the gang. It's like that scene in The Social Network, where Mark Zuckerberg implores Eduardo that Facebook never crashes.

NFL RedZone channel apparently does, although it's not a regular thing. What made it such a jarring thing to see is that RedZone is usually so reliable. It's unclear if the folks at RedZone even know they went dark, as Scott Hanson didn't address it at all or come back and apologize for going off-air.

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