Nick Bosa channeled every Bucs fan and called out Donovan Smith for holding 'a lot'

He's not wrong.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v San Francisco 49ers
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We're about a week away from the Super Bowl and while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers might not be playing, a ton of former players are.

Thanks to the Bucs being in a salary cap bind this past offseason, the roster got picked over a bit by teams that blocked free agents from returning to Tampa Bay. No team feasted on former Bucs players more than the Kansas City Chiefs, who added three players in total with two of them playing a heavy amount of snap counts.

Mike Edwards ended up being a brutal loss for Tampa Bay, as troubles in the secondary were juxtaposed against a really solid season he put together in Kansas City. Blaine Gabbert also left, signing a deal to backup Patrick Mahomes and continue his legacy of playing behind future Hall of Famers.

The one player not many Bucs fans shed a tear over losing was offensive tackle Donovan Smith.

Smith was among the more significant cap casualties and the Chiefs wasted little time in picking him up and inserting him into their starting lineup. It's the role he played for years in Tampa Bay but one that left a pretty bad taste in the mouths of Bucs fans.

Nick Bosa calls out for Donovan Smith for holding 'a lot'

To be fair, Smith was part of an impressive offensive line that blocked Tom Brady to a Super Bowl back in 2020. It was pretty much all downhill from there, though, as he finished his tenure with the team as one of the most penalized players in the league.

Not a lot changed between last year and this one, and Smith is already getting called out for it ahead of the Super Bowl.

Before the 49ers head to Las Vegas for media week, the team stood in front of the local folks one final time and Nick Bosa used the moment to absolutely flame Donovan Smith. The Niners pass rusher called out Smith and his teammate Jawaan Taylor for their uncanny ability to hold 'a lot'.

Bucs fans know all too well what he's talking about.

Not only did Smith hold a lot in his last season with the Bucs, he found a way to do it at the most inopportune times. Bosa would know first hand, as a holding call negated a 66-yard touchdown to Mike Evans in a game against the San Francisco 49ers back in 2022.

Tampa Bay went on to get blown out by the Niners, which wasn’t solely the fault of Smith but that hold stunting obvious momentum early in the game can’t be overlooked as a factor.

Smith finished his finally season in Tampa Bay with a whopping 12 holding calls, which he was able to curb to just four with Kansas City. Bosa's complaint doesn't seem to be rooted in facts, rather his own research of how many of Smith's holds go uncalled -- which is probably about as many as he had with the Bucs.

In the Chiefs first loss of the season, which was also Smith's first game, he goofed on a final play that ended up sinking Kansas City's chances to win. Hopefully, he doesn't have another inopportune penalty in the last game, but with Smith, you never know.

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