5 quarterbacks Bucs can target if Baker Mayfield leaves in free agency

There's no guarantee Baker is back in Tampa, so what's 'Plan B' look like?

Tampa Bay Buccaneeers, Justin Fields, Baker Mayfield
Tampa Bay Buccaneeers, Justin Fields, Baker Mayfield / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages
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Justin Fields via trade

Finally, we come to maybe the best option of all. The Chicago Bears are going to trade Justin Fields, and with reports of the market not being what the Bears had hoped it to be, the fourth-year pro could come a whole lot cheaper than some originally anticipated.

At one point, you had someone like ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. saying he believed the Bears could get the Atlanta Falcons' no. 8 overall pick in exchange for Fields. Now, we're seeing reports that the Bears will likely get a combination of a Day 2 and a Day 3 pick, and who knows if that even means a second or third-round selection on Day 2.

If the Bucs weren't able to re-sign Mayfield and threw together a proposal like, say, their second rounder at no. 57 overall and potentially a sixth-round pick (no. 203), that would end up being tremendous value. Who knows, maybe the Bucs could even get away with sending their third rounder (no. 89) instead of pick no. 57.

Fields obviously brings a different dynamic as one of the league's premier rushing quarterbacks, and still has untapped potential as a passer in some eyes. With weapons like Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, Fields would have the best chance at success that he's had since entering the league.