Ranking top 5 quarterbacks in Buccaneers history

Quarterbacks have been a sore subject for most of the Buccaneers existence, but there are five who stand out as players fans will forever be proud of in one way or another.
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. Jameis Winston. Jameis Winston. player. Winston. . (2015-2019). 19,737 yds, 88 INTs, 121 TDs. 4. 48

  • 28-42 record
  • Pro Bowler (2015)
  • NFL Passing Leader (2019)

It’s easy to dunk on Jameis Winston both as a player and a person, but his Buccaneers career wasn’t nearly as bad as we remember it.

The lasting memory for fans was his final season where he matched the same amount of touchdowns to interceptions, and watching both his first and last throws with the team go for pick sixes. Those are undeniable facts, but so too is the fact he threw 33 more touchdowns than interceptions during his career with Tampa Bay and became the first Bucs quarterback since Jeff Garcia to make the Pro Bowl.

His 28-42 record does a lot of damage to his reputation in these sorts of debates, but he made the most of what he could during one of the darkest periods in franchise history. To be clear, Jameis wasn’t as much of a solution as he could have been but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. He averaged almost 300 yards per game and the Bucs never averaged less than 20 points per game during his tenure. In fact, in his final two season Winston helped the team average close to 30 points per game, but the margin for error was so slim that his mistakes often helped make the difference.

Only nine quarterbacks in NFL history have turned in 5,000 yard passing seasons, and Winston is one of them. That season he also led the league in interceptions, which sums up the dichotomy of his time with the Bucs.