Ranking top 5 quarterbacks in Buccaneers history

Quarterbacks have been a sore subject for most of the Buccaneers existence, but there are five who stand out as players fans will forever be proud of in one way or another.
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2. Doug Williams. Doug Williams. Doug Williams. (1978-1982). 12,648 yds, 73 INTs, 73 TDs. player. . . 48

  • 33-33-1 record
  • 3 playoff appearances
  • 1-3 playoff record
  • All-Rookie Team (1978)
  • Bucs Ring of Honor

Whenever there’s a discussion about retiring Tom Brady’s number and putting him in the Buccaneers Ring of Honor, Doug Williams rightfully enters the chat.

He was the original No. 12, and if not for Brady coming to Tampa Bay would be considered the greatest quarterback in franchise history. It’s hard to argue against what Brady did, but there’s a debate worth having that Brady and Williams are at least tied for the title of Bucs G.O.A.T., and it’s not hard to make.

While Brady props his argument up with statistics, Williams owes a lot to context. He was the first great quarterback the Bucs had and helped change fortunes and perceptions in Tampa Bay. Before Williams, the Buccaneers won seven games in three seasons but won 10 games in his first year as the starter. Williams turned in the first winning season in franchise history in 1978 and brought the team to the playoffs for the first time ever as well.

He took the Bucs to the playoffs two more times before leaving and winning a Super Bowl in Washington. Williams only had one losing season as the starter in Tampa Bay and was named to the All-Rookie team after playing less than a full season in 1978. All of his contributions led to the trump card in the debate about who the greatest No. 12 in franchise history is — Doug Williams is in the Bucs Ring of Honor.