Ranking every Buccaneers starting quarterback since 1990

There have been 23 quarterbacks who started games for the Buccaneers since 1990, and we ranked them all.
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2001-2004. 26-23 | 64 TDs, 41 INTs. Brad Johnson. 48. . . Brad Johnson. 2. player. 2

  • 3-1 in Playoffs
  • Super Bowl Champion (XXXVII)
  • Pro Bowler (2002)

Trent Dilfer walked so Brad Johnson could run all the way to a Super Bowl.

The stars aligned in 2002 when Johnson masterfully managed the offense to balance an all-time defense and finally bring home a championship. It was cathartic beyond words and is a crowning achievement in Johnson's long NFL career, who at that point had already played eight seasons and was on the otherside of 30 years old.

His 2002 season is certainly one of the best seasons for a Buccaneers quarterback regardless of the era. That Super Bowl-winning team is rightfully remembered for how legendary the defense was but Johnson did more than just stay out of its way. It's unfair to say he simply game-managed his way to a title, something his appearance in the Pro Bowl that year proves. Johnson finished the 2002 season with the second-highest touchdown total of his career and the fourth-best yardage while also leading the league in interception percentage -- something he would do again three years later with the Minnesota Vikings.

He made the most of the opportunities the defense afforded the offense, which makes him more than just a game manager and into one of the best quarterbacks the franchise has ever had.

2020-2022. 48. 32-18 | 108 TDs, 33 INTs. Tom Brady. Tom Brady. 1. 1. . . player

  • 5-2 in Playoffs
  • Super Bowl Champion (LV)
  • Super Bowl MVP
  • Pro Bowler (2021)

There's absolutely zero debate about who the best Buccaneers quarterback since 1990 is. Any list of quarterbacks in NFL history should begin with Tom Brady, and the Bucs are lucky enough to be in the exclusive group of teams that he played for during his iconic career.

It's impossible to overstate how important, validating, and downright cathartic Brady coming to Tampa Bay was. If you didn't already get the hint from burning your eyes looking at portions of this list, the Buccaneers do not have a healthy history of quarterback success, with a majority of the last three decades being absolutely painful to watch.

This is a franchise that thirty years ago was starting Chris Chandler and Steve DeBerg on a second tour in Tampa, and ended up having the greatest quarterback of all-time choose to come play for it.

It's absolutely incredible, and that's before you even get to the actual things Brady did while he was here.

Not only did he enter the door and become a franchise leader in most passing categories, but he worked his way into the lead through hard work on the field. Brady didn't just show up, collect a check, and grace the Bucs with his presence -- he became a part of the franchise and bought in on a team that almost everyone had forgotten was a professional franchise.

Of course, the accolades and achievements speak for themselves and it's truly incredible to think about all that he did. Brady shattered franchise records, set new league records, and very nearly won an MVP -- all of this in the twilight of his career.

Accolades and stats are one thing — and that Super Bowl win over the Chiefs is certainly more than just a sweetener — but the way he made fans in Tampa Bay feel during his time here is something that is unique to him and is perhaps the greatest thing he ever did during his time with the team.

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