Ranking every Buccaneers starting quarterback since 1990

There have been 23 quarterbacks who started games for the Buccaneers since 1990, and we ranked them all.
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9. 48. 9. 12-9 | 26 TDs, 19 INTs. Brian Griese. 2004-2005. Brian Griese. player. .

There's an argument to be made that Brian Griese walked so that Jeff Garcia could eventually run -- albeit briefly -- under Jon Gruden. Chris Simms was his last true attempt to find a guy he could draft and develop, and Gruden's failure to draft Aaron Rodgers is an unforgivable sin he'll live with forever, but Griese is a ghost that Gruden would spend the rest of his time with the Buccaneers chasing but never really finding in time for it to mean much.

Griese is a Gurden Grinder if we've ever seen one. He fits the mold and checks so many boxes it's no surprise he was the guy Gruden tried to turn into his Rich Gannon and attempt to get back to a Super Bowl with. He came to the Bucs already six years into his career and very much established as a mid-tier veteran with a charming upside. Gruden tapped into that, getting Griese to lead the league in completion percentage during his first season in Tampa Bay but also running the vet into the ground like he was Tom Thibodeau coaching Derrick Rose or Julius Randle.

Griese was successful but he was worn down and out. Remember the game against the Chargers where he threw a million passes? Officially it was 50 attempts, which is still insane, and was one of four times during his time with the Bucs that Griese threw 40 or more times in a game.

It was all essentially for naught as the Bucs missed the playoffs in 2004 and Griese only played a quarter of the season in 2005.