Ranking every Buccaneers starting quarterback since 1990

There have been 23 quarterbacks who started games for the Buccaneers since 1990, and we ranked them all.
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. . 2007-2008. 14-10 | 25 TDs, 10 INTs. 48. 5. Jeff Garcia. Jeff Garcia. 5. player

  • 0-1 in Playoffs
  • Pro Bowler (2007)

There's an argument to be made that Jeff Garcia is the last great quarterback not only of the Gruden era but until Tom Brady arrived. He's obviously not No. 2 in our list and there's good reason for that, but Garcia was the last guy in the door before it slammed shut and the light from a hopeful sun was blocked for the next decade.

He's also the guy who stepped into the shoes Brian Griese left, which says a lot about where the Bucs quarterback situation was in the late 2000s.

Griese was a Gruden Grinder, a classic veteran who was never going to be a sustainable star but had potential to burn bright and hot for a short period of success. Garcia was the exact same way, and both guys were in their John Travolta in Pulp Fiction eras where they were quarterbacks fans knew but hadn't done much of anything in a while.

In his first year with the Bucs, Garcia led the team to the playoffs and earned a spot in the Pro Bowl. Both things would turn out to be swan songs of sorts, as Garcia would only spend two more fractured seasons in the NFL and it would be over a decade until the Bucs made another playoff apperance.

Garcia's stint with the Bucs was also the last time fans would watch a capable quarterback until Jameis Winston came to town in 2015, which also says a lot. After Garcia's miserable 2008 season ended, one that saw him split time with the aforementioned Griese, the Bucs entered the Dark Ages which saw the team trot out five different quarterbacks over the next six seasons before drafting Winston.

For his part, Garcia played well. He has one of the more impressive win-loss records in franchise history and set a career-low in interception percentage in seasons where he started more than six games.