Ranking every Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform combo for 2024 season

With a flurry of teams unveiling new uniforms this offseason, it feels like the perfect time to review the Buccaneers' current uniform options.
Buccaneers Uniform Selection
Buccaneers Uniform Selection / OCTAVIO JONES/GettyImages

For as much as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers get discussed and debated, it seems a common thread between everything is how nobody can disagree that their uniforms are top notch.

More than a few teams changed up their uniforms this offseason, and throwbacks have started to be announced, which makes us wonder about the current rotation the Bucs use. Last year we saw the creamsicles re-enter the mix, but overall the Bucs seemingly don’t have a bad uniform combination to roll out on GameDay.

Feel free to disagree, as that's the best part about having these sorts of debates. Fashion is never finished, and there's also not a right or wrong answer for what someone prefers. The good news is the Bucs have fantastic uniforms across the board and they can't really mess things up no matter which direction they go.

Ranking every Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform combo for 2024 season

6. Red Shirt/White Pants Combo

If it ain't broke, don't fix it! The Bucs' red jersey and pewter pants home combination is one of the best uniform combinations in the league, there is no need to mess with a classic.

The triple mismatch for helmet, jersey, and pants doesn't really work here. The team is much better served wearing their pewter pants over the white pants, as the classic pewter pants do a much better job of complementing the helmet and bringing the whole uniform together.

The team clearly has no plans on retiring this combination, but there would be no complaints if it was reserved for the preseason.

5. White Shirt/White Pants Combo

The Bucs don't need white pants in their wardrobe when they have a pewter option that is so distinctive for the franchise. However, the all-white look is a sharp one for the Buccaneers. The red accents really pop in this combination, and the black socks and trims are a nice touch as well.

This is a solid uniform combination, but it doesn't encompass the identity of the team or utilize the team's color scheme as well as some of the higher-ranked options.

4. White Shirt/Pewter Pants Combo

Some great franchise memories have been made in the white and pewter combination. Ronde Barber made his legendary pick-six against the Philadelphia Eagles in these uniforms en route to the team's first Super Bowl victory.

During the 2020 Super Bowl run, the team wore these uniforms in three straight games as they defeated the New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, and Kansas City Chiefs. Needless to say, this uniform combination brings some postseason magic to the Buccaneers.

The pewter pants and red numbers pop in contrast to the white shirts, creating a clean, unique look for the team's signature away combination.

3. Creamsicle Throwbacks

The Bucs' iconic throwback option is a nostalgic look, and the creamsicle orange uniforms are a massive part of the history and identity of the franchise, Although the Bucs didn't see much success when they donned these uniforms, the NFL fanbase as a whole is always excited to see the return of the creamsicles.

The organization finally brought the uniforms back in 2023 after a long hiatus, and it is one of the most popular throwback looks in the league.

The creamsicles, while very popular, are best served in their current role as alternates worn just once a season. Nostalgia plays a big role in the popularity of these uniforms because they weren't appreciated back when they were the team's everyday uniforms but have become extremely popular as a throwback option.

2. Red Shirt/Pewter Pants Combo

Pewter and red is a colorway unique only to the Buccaneers, and the home uniform does a great job of highlighting the team's colors. The franchise won its' first Super Bowl wearing red and pewter in 2003, so this combination brings good memories to Buccaneers fans.

The Bucs only wear this combination a handful of games per year, continuing the trend of wearing their best combinations sparingly. The team opts to wear white uniforms at home early in the season as a supposed advantage, forcing the visiting team to wear dark colors in the extreme heat and humidity.

The red and pewter look is a classic for the Buccaneers, and hopefully we see the team wear their home uniform combination more often this season and in the future.

1. All-Pewter Color Rush

The Bucs' all-pewter color rush is one of the best uniforms in the NFL. The look is unique to the Buccaneers, featuring a head-to-toe ensemble of the team's signature pewter color.

Unfortunately, the Bucs are rarely seen in the color rush uniforms since they are just alternate options worn once or twice a season. Perhaps the rarity helps boost the appeal of these uniforms; They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

If the team wanted to boost this look even further, they could add a matte pewter helmet to their arsenal, or perhaps swap the regular black facemask for a red facemask to add a unique look and complement the red accents throughout the uniform.

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