Shaq Barrett took a shot at the Buccaneers after signing with Dolphins

Even though the Bucs tried to do right by Shaq Barrett, he's using what happened as motivation.
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The offseason can be a tough time for any team in the NFL. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are no exception, especially not when they have a difficult cap situation to manage.

While the Bucs have been able to keep most of their key pieces at vital positions, they did have to make a difficult decision with former starting pass rusher and Super Bowl Champion Shaquil Barrett.

Barrett always seemed like a long shot to stay on the team due on his high salary and the massive financial needs for the franchise, but it doesn't make this decision sting any less. Unfortunately for the Bucs, it seems like Barrett isn't going to shy away from his feelings on the subject either.

Shaquil Barrett speaks on his departure from the Buccaneers

The NFL is a business. Guys get cut all the time. Expensive pass rushers that only get in the backfield a handful of times despite starting 16 games are even easier cuts in the business side of the world. Still, that doesn't mean that a guy like Barrett has to hold back when the topic comes up, and Barrett sure didn't waste words when he spoke to reporters.

"A lot to prove,” Barrett said about being released. “Especially getting cut from another team like that, adds another whole fuel to the fire right there. And I’m like, Dolphins gonna’ be happy they signed me. Tampa gonna’ be mad they let me go.”

Given the fact that Barrett is one of the nicest people on the planet, these words should come across as about as strong as they can be. It isn't easy to have to leave a place that was your home during such a formative part of your career, especially when you factor in the emotional trauma that Barrett's family faced off the field during his time as a Buc.

At the end of the day, business is business, and while this may not look like the happiest outcome, it will still probably be the right decision for Tampa given their other needs. The Bucs get the cap space they desperately need with the opportunity to find a young pass rusher and Barrett gets to join a contender with a chance to start due to key injuries on his new team.

Still, one has to hope that this doesn't end up being something the Buccaneers regret. It certainly wouldn't be the first time that Barrett made a name for himself after another team gave up too soon. Only time will tell.

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