Skip Bayless cooked up a scorching hot take about Baker Mayfield and the Bucs

Hopefully this isn't some sort of jinx.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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One of the biggest moves in free agency happened before the offseason even began.

Less than a day before the legal tampering period opened, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers re-signed Baker Mayfield to a $100 million deal that keeps him under center for the next few years. It could be that the relationship lasts longer than that, as Baker earned another shot at proving he can truly be The Guy for the Bucs.

Last year was a revenge tour for Baker, who posted career highs in just about every meaningful passing category and earned a trip to the Pro Bowl. It also started up a conversation about where he ranks among quarterbacks in the NFL, as he wore an underrated ship on his shoulder all season.

Baker's triumphant season was enough to convert hot take artist Skip Bayless, who not only would take him over Cousins but also another top quarterback in the league.

Skip Bayless cooked up a scorching hot take about Baker Mayfield

In a recent episode of his show -- not the FS1 show but his own personal show -- Bayless was asked about whether he thought Kirk Cousins would be better than Dak Prescott. Bayless pivoted and threw Prescott and Cousins under the bus to take Baker Mayfield over them both.

"I know you were desperate and had to plunge," Skip said of the Falcons signing Cousins. "I offer my condolences."

Skip used up most of his time heaping praise on Baker, noting that while he didn't always start strong he got better as the game went on and always had the Bucs in a position to win.

"Baker Mayfield played so much better last year than Kirk Cousins did," Bayless said. "Think about what Baker did last year, he opened up the season by beating Kirk Cousins [at Minnesota]. Week 4 he went to New Orleans against their archrival that [Tom] Brady couldn't deal with ... Baker did a number on [the Saints]."

Not only did Skip put him firmly above Cousins in just about every way imaginable, but he thinks Dak Prescott is a rung below Baker as well.

"Baker is remarkably clutch and does not get enough credit for it," Skip said. "I would take Baker Mayfield over Dak Prescott."

Consider the source, as Skip Bayless cooks up these sorts of hot takes all the time only to be wrong most of the time. Even coming from him, though, it's still nice to hear the Bucs getting some praise when most pundits are still finding ways to toss them aside.

Things aren't as bad as they were this time last year, but the Falcons are already being picked to win the NFC South over Tampa Bay and the hype train will inevitably carry the Saints into the conversation as well.

It's going to be a tougher division next year, but at last check, the Bucs are defending champions three years running. Baker was a big part of that last year and he's in a position to succeed even more next year.

This isn't something that gets said often, but here's to hoping Skip Bayless is right.

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