4 Super Bowl players Buccaneers could target in free agency

Where better to look for some upgrades than some guys who just played in the Super Bowl?
Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Jon Feliciano, OG/49ers

Protecting Baker Mayfield is going to be key to the Buccaneers success moving forward, which means everything on the offensive one outside of Tristan Wirfs should be up for debate. A major focus of the offseason needs to be how the Bucs can upgrade, whether by coaching up young players like Cody Mauch or looking to free agency for outside help.

San Francisco 49ers guard Jon Feliciano checks a few different boxes in this department.

He finished last season with an 85.4 PFF run-blocking grade, which is absolutely what the Bucs are looking for out of offseason upgrades this year. The run game has struggled for two seasons, and changing both backs and coaches didn't seem to help much. Despite how poorly things went, Rachaad White established himself as a big-time weapon, which makes getting things right with the run game even more important.

White has been compared to Christian McCaffrey, so getting a guy who blocked for him all the way to winning Offensive Player of the Year seems like a pretty decent move to make. An injury took him out of the Super Bowl early, which only further highlighted his importance. Brock Purdy had to throw away a key pass on third down in overtime due to pressure from Chris Jones on Felciano's side of the line.

Had he been in the game, things might have gone differently.

What that also emphasizes is how important Felciano was in pass protection. He played on the right side in San Francisco, which would mean moving him to left guard with the Bucs or moving Mauch, but it's clear that Feliciano fits the bill for the type of guy Tampa Bay needs to target in free agency.

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