4 emerging surprises at Buccaneers training camp

  • A veteran tight end
  • A mid-round linebacker
  • An udrafted wideout
  • A third string quarterback?
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, John Wolford
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, John Wolford / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages
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2. SirVocea Dennis, LB

Tampa Bay doesn't necessarily need a starting linebacker right now, with both Lavonte David and Devin White locked in at those spots. But, each of those veterans only have one more year on their contracts, and the Bucs could be looking for not one, but two replacements next offseason.

As a fifth-round pick out of Pittsburgh, SirVocea Dennis wasn't expected to come in and dominate camp or turn heads. Instead, the idea was probably more along the lines as a depth player who could contribute on special teams if needed.

But that's not how Dennis has been playing in camp thus far. He's been all over the place, showing he can excel in coverage because of his high football IQ. Dennis has a knack for reading the quarterback's eyes well, mostly because of his previous history at the position, which ESPN's Jenna Laine pointed out.

Should the Bucs need another starter next year, it's looking likely that Dennis might be ready to step right in and take over. That would help the Bucs tremendously, too, especially in the financial aspect of things. Not feeling the need to pay up for either White or David would be a burden lifted.