Buccaneers last 10 first-round draft picks, ranked from best to bust

Jason Licht has a knack for hitting home runs in the NFL Draft, but not every pick has been a hit.

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9. DE Logan Hall (2022)

For the players Tampa Bay has drafted in recent years, it's tough to gauge the trajectory of their careers and whether or not a big season is in store for them. Although he is just two years into his career, it's safe to say that Hall is trending toward being a first-round selection bust by the Buccaneers.

Through two years in the NFL, Hall, the No. 32 pick in the 2021 draft, has posted 34 tackles, seven tackles for loss, three sacks, two passes defended, and three fumble recoveries in 33 games (13 starts).

At 23 years old, Hall has plenty of time to develop into a quality role player, but simply hasn't shown signs of that quiet yet. With the retirement of veteran William Gholston, however, Hall has a path to starting on the Buccaneers' defensive line next season, and has earned words of encouragement from Gholston and others.

"There was a guy who wasn't a rookie who stood and held his own, my guy Logan [Hall]," Gholston said. "I gotta shout Logan out because next year he's going to be a dominant figure in the NFL. You're going to know who that is."